Our story

Three friends, a dream and a love for beer; ‘Soof’ is the first local brewery in Eilat. We here at ‘Soof’ have 3 main goals: To make great beer, to have fun doing so and to share this experience with as many people as we possibly can.

How did it all start?
– With a failed first home brewed batch. However moments before throwing out the first batch we decided to give it a few more days just to see what would happen. To our astonishment the beer came out so tasty and full of flavor that we realized we had a winning combination. A year and a half after that first batch we decided to embody our creation.

The brewery was founded in 2015 out of a love from beer and people.This combine this with Tomar, Nathan and Jacob’s love for the sea and the brewery got the name ‘Soof’ (Red Sea). A walk away from the bustle of the day in the middle of the industrial area of Eilat, we opened a place to have a local beer or two with friends alongside an original and special menu. With the use of only high quality ingredients, including barley and hops straight from Europe along with a closely supervised brewing process, we have made a warm home to love beer. From the moment you enter you can already sense the uniqueness of the inviting establishment. Along with combining elements of an industrial factory with hand-crafted wood-work features that lets you experience a combination of astounding colors, delicious flavors and alluring smells.

Divided into two- ‘The Restaurant’ and ‘The Brewery’. You are welcome to take a tour of The Brewery itself and witness the brewing process and bottling first hand. We offer 6 fresh and tasty types of boutique beers at a time and tend to surprise with a limited edition brew once in a while. The Brewery staff go through a continuing educational program when it comes to beer so that they will be able to recommend you the best beer that’s suitable for you.

So whether you want a beer after work, want to just take a tour and see how beer is done or just even pick up a six-pack for the weekend…We’ll be here waiting – People who drink beer, people who make beer but most importantly people who love beer.

*We are available for private parties or events, organized tours and Private Label personally designer affairs.
*Easily accessible for the handicap.
*LGBT welcoming and friendly

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